The Wisconsin Innocence Project was founded in 1998 by Professors Keith Findley and John Pray. Through the work of staff and student attorneys, the organization is able to revisit the cases of potentially innocent prisoners and ultimately free the wrongfully convicted. They also work to pass bills that will improve the criminal justice system, for instance increasing compensation for the wrongfully convicted or changing the protocol for eyewitness identification.

 Navigating the Site: 

  • Freeing the Innocent provides in-depth information on the Project itself, the people involved, and its role at UW Madison.
  • Causes of Wrongful Convictions is a short video that elaborates on a few of the main contributing factors of wrongful convictions.
  • The Outline is an infographic that provides general information on the causes of wrongful convictions and the statistics involved.
  • The Exonerees is an audio story that outlines the struggles of the innocent before and after their release from prison.
  • Student Attorneys highlights the experience of a student involved in the Project.
  • Making up for years lost is a comprehensive map showing compensation per state in the U.S., out of the 30 states that provide compensation for wrongful convictions.
  • The Exoneree Timeline follows the experiences of three different exonerees who were all freed by the Wisconsin Innocence Project.




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